Villa Hills Civic Club entry Celebrating 50 years! 1961 – 2011

The New Concession Stand and New Bathrooms at Frazen Fields along with the beautiful Tommy Vogt Pavilion will make certain that the Villa Hills Civic Club will be a great place for the young people of Villa Hills to grow and learn new skills. It also will give every parent and grandparent a comfortable place to watch this part of their lives.

Something else that is new to the Villa Hills Civic Club is the Nature Trail. You can now stroll along the perimeter of the Villa Hills Civic Club property and take in the beauty of nature. The deer, the birds, the rabbits and the butterflies can all be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. We have steps, bridges and benches for everyone to enjoy. This is a great place for daily exercise or simple relaxation or reflection.

Our hope is to continue to improve the grounds and make everything more accessible to all of our members and those that my visit our beautiful Civic Club and City.

In May of 1961 a small group of home owners met in the basement of William Krumpleman’s house at 2535 Amsterdam Road in Villa Hills, Kentucky, first under the name of Civic Club in Madonna Acres, then changed to Villa Hills Civic Club. With that settled, it was determined that the first project for the Civic Club should be the repair of Sunglow Ave.and Kenridge Road. A Summer Social was organized to raise the money needed for the repair.

Article 2 in our Constitution reads as follows: “The object of this club shall be to advance and improve civic conditions and public welfare of the City of Villa Hills and neighboring areas.” We have worked since then to make our community one of the best places to live and raise children.

We have raised funds for ball fields, play grounds, Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas Parties, and Haunted Trails. We regularly make donations of funds and time for other charitable organizations.

We are blessed to have the wonderful oasis right in our back yard. Please help us continue our positive work into the future by becoming a member.

The most important element of this effort is you, without membership this club can’t do what it was intended to do. Membership and volunteers is the engine that drives the charitable work we do. Please join today.

Ernest W. Brown
President VHCC